Comprehensive Understanding of Capital Financing and Securities Laws

Do you have an in-depth knowledge of securities laws administered by the SEC? Are you prepared to undertake legal decisions on the basis of your knowledge?

Chances are no. if that is the case, you must get in touch with our corporate securities lawyer before making any binding decisions. Supplemented with over three decades of practice in business and corporate law, we are acquainted with the ins and outs of securities laws. Our specialized knowledge in the domain enables our security law attorney to take on highly complicated cases and provide solid solutions to them.

What are my capital financing options? Get legal counsel from a securities law attorney today. 

Equity financing or debt financing?

You might have heard these two terms being thrown around at parties or other informal business talks. But do you have a comprehensive enough understanding to sign a legally binding contract? Unless your answer is a resounding yes, we recommend you to think again and hire a corporate securities lawyer, if necessitated, to make up for a lack of working knowledge.

Just to give you a quick recap of what the two types of financing option, we have briefly explained them below. Of course, both types of options are quite nuanced and involve in depth knowledge if you are considering either of the options for your business. For further details on your capital financing options, get in touch with our legal experts today.

Equity financing

Ever wanted a way to acquire capital financing but without being in debt? Equity financing is the alternative a lot of entrepreneurs turn to. This option lets you raise funds by offering a percentage of ownership stake of your business. Individuals eligible for equity financing may include advisors, employees, and so on.

Ownership of your business is precious and cannot be given away to just about anyone. As experienced corporate securities lawyers, we provide clients guidance on planning equity financing packages, periods of vesting for startups, and creating a strategy that only retains ideal employees but also benefits you. Get in touch with our securities law attorney for more information.

Debt financing

The other type of financing, as is obvious, involves debt. Entities such as banks and corporations that help businesses secure capital funding may enter into a contract with you. Businesses that are new or old ones seeking to launch a new product amongst other needs, may opt for debt financing. The debt is then paid back in the form of fixed installments or at a particular interest rate, depending on the company or package you have chosen, regardless of how well or unwell your business does. 

Corporate securities lawyer represent their client when capital is being secured. To opt for the right package that adequately serves your particular business needs, it is important to invest in the right securities law attorney.

Corporate securities lawyer – Outside general counsel also available

If you're a startup, you probably don't have money to spare on hiring an in house lawyer. In fact, at this point, professional legal counsel may even seem frivolous to you. Let us assure you, it is anything but. Having a securities law attorney by your side is necessary. To accommodate businesses like yours, we also provide part-time counsel services to fit your budget. For details, please get in touch with us. 


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