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Startups & Equity Compensation

We help you tackle big questions.

Legal services for entrepreneurs without active, working legal knowledge. 

Starting up your own business is akin to voluntarily pitting yourself against massive hurdles and challenges. A lot of times, most entrepreneurs don’t even have a working knowledge of the legal aspects of business such as equity compensation. We believe that is okay, as long as you have an expert entrepreneurial law firm that can step in to fill in this gap.

At Harvey Law Ventures, we assist clients from the very seed level and provide them reliable legal knowledge stemming from a diverse and accomplished background. With solid legal backing to prevent you from making errors that may land you into hot waters in the future, hiring an attorney can sometimes make all the difference between a successful and unsuccessful company. Don't risk your company's future and consider investing in an entrepreneurial law firm today.

Confused about how much equity compensation should be given to your employees at the seed level?

Get advice from an entrepreneurial law firm specialist today.

With over three decades of experience and entrepreneurial knowledge, Harvey Law Venture is uniquely placed to help budding entrepreneurs – and even seasoned ones – when it comes to equity compensation.  We assist our clients through a tailor-made strategy so that our recommendations and solutions are specific enough to cater to your particular business needs.

Feel the difference

We take immense pride in providing services that are not only outstanding in quality but also creative and flexible. Legal services for entrepreneurs are all about customization and bringing solutions that cater to each business’s unique situation. We are well placed to identify your needs and help you, more so than other entrepreneurial law firms, thanks to our considerable experience in the past. Benefit from this novel blend of experience and skill and get equity compensation counsel today.

Equity packages

Not all startups offer equity packages but most do to attract and keep skilled employees in the long term. Incentivizing your employees is very important if you want to keep the best ones aboard and grow or prevent your business from facing demise in the future. If you've only heard about equity compensation at parties and the like, chances are you only have a rough idea of the concept and are not knowledgeable in the nuances.

We provide legal services for entrepreneurs who are hindered by only technical knowledge. Our attorneys are familiar with the ins and outs of equity packages and can not only break down the concept for you but also design the right package to retain your employees. From tackling questions about employee stock percentage to planning an overall strategy to making your business go public in the future, our professional business attorneys are available to provide counsel. 

Get legal compliance and other assistances today

Giving up a chunk of your company, no matter how big or small is a matter of serious speculation and considerations. A number of risks and benefits come attached to this decision. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of them and have a legal specialist to assist you.

Once you have settled on an equity plan, it is important to stick to it and execute it correctly. Harvey Venture Law’s legal services for entrepreneurs are designed to take responsibility of your company’s equity.


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