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Legal counsel is a necessity, not an option.

Many entrepreneurs are usually under the impression that they will not need an attorney in their business, therefore, don’t prioritize hiring legal counsel. Years of experience with various businesses has taught us that this approach can lead you into hot water. Large or small, all business and corporate entities eventually face situations where they need legal services – in fact, it is not an uncommon practice at all.

Ideally, we recommend you to hire legal counsel from the start only to avoid future legal issues that may prove to be detrimental to your business. 

We provide outside general counsel to your business to address commonly encountered matters of legal nature. Benefit from our decades of experience today. 

Mutually benefitting

Outside general counsel provides an alternative, mutually beneficial path to businesses that don't require counsel on a very regular basis. This option relieves you of having to pay a hefty fee common in in-house attorneys.

We understand not all clients can dedicate a substantial budget when it comes to pursuing legal objectives. This is why we have a specially designed fee structure which is highly workable and accommodating without putting any party at a loss. If you're a small to medium-sized business, consider hiring our outside general counsel and make the most of our budget friendly, transparent fee structure. 

Available when you need

You don’t have to worry about hiring an expensive in-house attorney for your business just because of availability concerns. The outside general counsel services our firm provides have no availability restrictions, making them comparable to an in-house service. Call or email us when you need us to benefit from our legal knowledge and to pursue your legal objectives without any delay from our part.

Providing you the legal expertise you need

With more than three decades of experience, Harvey Venture Law attorneys are skilled, seasoned lawyers and provide unparalleled service. Having an in depth understanding of the nuances of business and commercial law, our firm also provides part-time services to benefit all types of clients, big and small.


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